My (now) home.

I’ve moved to several places so far in my life. I first moved from Indonesia to Dublin, OH when I was 13, then I moved from Dublin, OH to Boston, MA shortly after I turned 21. Sometimes I miss that feeling I get when I first moved to a new place – mostly curiosity and excitement about anything and everything about that place. The feeling that I just want to soak everything in. I live close to the heart of Boston and although I am there often, I seem to always find a new appreciation of this city all over again. Two of my favorite spots are the South End and Charles St. going into Beacon Hill. About a month ago, my friend and I walked around there, a day after the Boston Marathon bombing happened. The city sounded quiet, although people were around. While we were there, I felt that this is now my home. I love this city. It’s so pretty every time I look at it.


South End Buttery on Shawmut Ave. in the South End – This place has amazing brunch and pastries. I would say it is a must try.Image


My photo partner, Lauren.Image



  1. Boston is such a wonderful place to be, and you have captured so much of its charm here.

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